Sunday, July 25, 2010

What a week!!

I got home late last night from a week at my Grandpa's house. Started out like any other week up there. Go to put flowers on my Grandma's and my great Grandparents' graves, spending time with my family, eating my cousin's amazing Italian food and then BAM!!!! My week is shot to hell. My aunt took me and my two 10 year old cousins to Great America. We are having a great time riding roller coasters, its not to hot or to crowded. I get off one ride and I fall on some broken pavement. I ended up tearing the ligaments in my right ankle. The guys from Six Flags were nice enough to take me to the Naval hospital instead of a civilian hospital so that worked out great. But the rest of my week consisted of sitting with my leg up in the air and having to be waited on hand and foot. Now I know must people would think that would be wonderful, but honestly it is not. I am to independent to not be able to do simple tasks for myself. It is really embarrassing to be 28 and have to have your Mommy help you shower since I can't stand. I love my Mom and I know she loves me, but I have been showering by myself for years now. I go to my primary care dr on Tuesday. I am praying for good news, especially since I am leaving on Wednesday for 10 days in Alaska.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

To Grandpa's house I go.

So I leave Friday morning to go to my Grandpa's house. I can't wait. I have been going up there every summer since I was a little girl, minus a couple years after my Grandma died, that I just could not bring myself to go. It is one of the few places that I feel I can sit back take a deep breath and say aahhh!!! It is almost like there can be no stress of everyday life when I walk through the door. Things just don't matter and if they do Grandpa will take care of them. I definitely need to have a breather. I have been so tightly wound since J left. I hope it will really do me some good to get away from "real life" and go to Grandpa's. I can't wait to see my uncle, aunt, and cousins. My one cousin just opened a restaurant so i will definitely have to check that out. I already know he is an awesome cook. I am so proud of him for following his dreams.

After I get back from Grandpa's, I will have about 3 days and then its off for my adventures in Alaska. I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends that are so willing to open there arms and welcome me into their home and take time off work just to keep me entertained.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

J is having a rough few days. I wish there was something I could say or do to make it better. It is just so hard when he can't say everything that is going on. All I get is bits and pieces of what is going on. I understand the importantance of OPSEC and understand fully that he can't tell me stuff, but it would be so much easier to understand where he is coming from if I had the whole story and not just what he can tell me. We have been each other's rocks for so long that it is hard not having him here. I don't tell him everything either because he has enough going on that he doesn't need to be over there worried about what is happening here. Its like in a split second he went from being my best friend to just a friend. He will always be my best friend but we just can't talk about stuff like we can when he is home. For our wedding we were given a daily devotional for couples book. I think I am going to talk to him about trying to do it while he is over there. Maybe it will help lift both of our spirits and help us stay connected to each other. There are times that we really do not have stuff to talk about and this will help us have something to talk about. Since we are able to talk daily this might be a good thing. I'll have to figure out how it will work when/if there are days we can't talk. I have been wanting to do it since we got it, but didn't know how to do it with him being in gone so much, but this might be a good thing to do while he is gone.