Tuesday, September 27, 2011

How did we get to the end of September?

I keep saying I don't know how there is enough time to get everything accomplished. I go to bed and its the end of August, I wake up and its the end of September. I swear I am going to do better, I want to do better with my blogging. I just need more hours in the day to accomplish everything.

I had my tests ran from where I was in the ER. I have a VERY small fibroid. My Dr isn't worried, she just said that it is something that I now have to watch.

The things wrong with J have just been a roller coaster ride. His therapy is going so good. Our marriage is better than its ever been. He is dealing with things that should have been dealt with years ago. As he works through things other things pop up. Things that he didn't realize bothered him before. The therapist says this is normal. A person is has a couple things that really bother them and then there are others that are bother them, but the bigger things overshadow the smaller things and as the bigger things are dealt with the smaller things start coming out.

On top of his emotional and mental issues that are being handled, he is also having some physical problems. His knee is messed up. He is now in physical therapy for that and it looks like he might be headed to surgery to repair that. His hearing is also very much gone, so he will be getting hearing aids next month. The also want him to have a MRI done to make sure that there is not something else that is causing the hearing loss.

The Army has decided that he needs to go in front of the MRB. His paperwork was filed on the 23rd so he has 60 days to go in front of them. They will decided what they are going to do with him. He was told he could get medically discharged or they could just make him non deployable and let him finish out his contract. The Army is downsizing so not to sure the second option will happen. I knew all along that J was not in it for the long haul, but the thought of him getting out now scares the crap out of me. When he told me over lunch that his paperwork was filed I wanted to vomit.

We had plans, plans that involved him deploying again and saving all that extra money so we would have a down payment for a house. Now it looks like no matter what those plans are changing. But looking at the issues he is having I am happy that he won't be deploying again and him being worse than he already was.