Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I am getting to old for this!!

So my brother has moved back from FL. We left yesterday at 11am to go back to FL and get the rest of his stuff. We hauled balls down there loaded his truck and the UHaul trailer up and hauled balls back. We got home at 7am took a little nap then had to unload the trailer and get it back by 11am. I slept like crap the night before, thanks stupid insomnia, and then was up until 7am with only about an hour nap on the drive down to FL. Of course all this help that was suppose to be there either didn't show up or couldn't help till we were about done , then wanted to stand around and chit chat. So why am I still up and not dead to the world, because that little nap I took at 7am gave me my second wind.