Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Early Christmas anyone!!!

J wanted a new toolbox, one of those big ones that roll. So a couple weeks ago, they were HALF PRICED. Which for a $300 toolbox that is an awesome deal. I was going to get him one for Christmas anyways, so why not get it while it is on sale. I don't think it will get any better than that price between now and Christmas. I guess that shows how big of a markup those suckers have if they can sell them 1/2 off. Since I didn't have any place I could put it till Christmas and wrapping it would be a pain I just went ahead and gave it to him. He is so excited, but now he wants more tools to put in it.

I wanted a new camera. Mine is like 5 years old, just a little old cheap camera. I love taking pictures, but my camera sucked. So last weekend J bought me a new camera. I am so excited, I think I have taken pictures everyday since he gave it to me. It is amazing the much more fun taking pictures is now that I have a better quality camera.

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