Sunday, August 28, 2011


My last blog I was saying how there just didn't seem like there was enough hours in a day anymore. Well add being sick to that and that will explain why I haven't blogged or even read any blogs in a good week. I swear, here we are the last week of August and it just seems like J got home a few weeks ago, its actually been almost 5 months.

J is still doing good with his counseling. I have went to 1 of his sessions and plan on going to more. He is still having issues, but he is working on it and I am proud of him for it. He goes the 7th for his hearing aids, which I am happy about that way he can't say he didn't hear me.

I went to a new gyn and she doesn't think that getting pregnant is going to be as hard as my other Dr was letting on. Yes its been awhile, but we have been under all kinds of stress. So we are just going to keep trying and now that most of the stress is gone for the time being we will see what happens. I really like my new dr and she is so optimistic that it is almost contagious. She didn't change anything like I thought she would.


  1. I hope your new doctor is right!! It is definitely good to have an optimistic doctor :).

  2. Yes it is, my last Dr I loved, but he was just like in x amount of time I am sending you to a fertility specialist, here is some pills try these. My new Dr is like we are going to try this, this, and this and I am positive you will get pregnant. So next week I have some tests and we go from there.